A Green, Healthy World is Possible!

World Green Buildings Week is celebrated all over the world in the third week of September. The concept of ıy green building Yeşil was once again highlighted by the World Green Building Council. Green building; A concept for buildings designed, built, renovated and operated so that they can use natural resources efficiently. All of these buildings are compatible with natüre , adaptable to climate data, oriented towards renewable energy sources, natural and non-waste materials that use materials, ecosystem sensitive structures! The fact that traditional buildings consume 40% of their energy resources, 16% of fresh water resources and 25% of the tree resources is the most important factor emphasizing the importance of green buildings.

DOGU HVAC SYSTEMS, in this context, is attracting attention with its FOUR-KITCHEN Air Filtration Device which is completely environment friendly and developed for industrial kitchens. The product, which offers solution to all kitchens having chimney problem with its environment friendly structure, is produced in the range of 2.100 - 10.500 m3 / h exhaust flow rate. It can be purchased in the package or custom made according to the needs. The device can be integrated into the central ventilation system on demand and provides a complete kitchen ventilation solution by working with the kitchen hoods thanks to the automation system.