DOGU HVAC and R & D Center Activity Areas

DOGU HVAC Equipment Since the day it was founded, it has made clear the difference in the sector with the importance it attaches to R & D.

Perhaps the most important of the company's missions is to make the product that can be exported to the sector and make it an exportable product. From this point of view, it has brought dozens of products to the country's economy and has formed its own subsidiary industry.

DOGU HVAC has 3 R & D teams working separately for 3 main categories. The basis of the work of these teams is based on 2005.

In 2018, the R & D Center was completed in accordance with the Law No. 5746 of the Ministry of Industry. A total of 17 personnel are employed in this R & D center.

There are 3 HVAC test laboratories in the company;

  • HVAC Test Laboratory: In this laboratory, the performance characteristics of the ventilation equipment and VAV - CAV calibration studies are carried out.

  • Laminar Flow Simulation Laboratory: In DIN1946 / 4 sample operating room laboratory, presentations and tests are carried out on a laminar flow ceiling.

  • Air Handling Unit Test Chamber: The tests of Air Handling Units and Heat Recovery Units are carried out according to EN308, EN13141-7 and EN 1886 standards.