VKG - Rectangular Backdraft Damper

The frame is produced from aluminum as standard, optionally from galvanized steel. The blades are aluminum material. There is a silicone gasket resistant to 80°C temperature on the blades. If desired, the blade closing balance is adjusted with galvanized counterweights.

  • VKG - Rectangular Backdraft Damper is used to control pressure in HVAC installations when sudden pressure differences are expected.
  • In pressurized ventilation systems, if the positive pressure is more than desired, it opens its wings and reduces the overpressure. In this way, it can respond quickly to pressure differences caused by dampers such as fire damper and sealed damper that suddenly close.
  • It allows the air to supply in only one direction. In this case, 2.5 m / s air velocity is preferred.
  • Long life with corrosion resistant zinc blade shafts.

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VKG - Rectangular Backdraft Damper

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