ACC - Circular Variable Air Volume Box (VAV Box)

It consists of 6 main parts. These parts are the Case, VAV Damper Motor, Flow Sensors, Sound Absorber Part, Sealed Damper and Electric Heater (Optional). The casing is made of galvanized sheet steel. It can also be manufactured with AISI 304 quality stainless steel according to customer preferences. Flow Sensors and VAV Damper Motor are fixed on the case. After the ACC is manufactured, it is calibrated with the values ​​given by the customer. The damper motor transfers motion to the damper blade with the shaft it is connected to. Damper Blade has a gasket that ensures impermeability according to DIN EN 1751. This seal prevents air leakage between the body and the damper blade when the VAV motor is in the Shut-off position. The sound level of the air passing through the damper is reduced by passing through the Sound Absorber Section. Electric Heater can also be installed in ACC in line with customer request. It is preferred in applications where preheating is required.

  • High precision calibration between 150 - 5500 m3 / h is provided.
  • Used for variable volume flow systems and duct pressure control applications.
  • It has galvanized or stainless manufacturing options.
  • Sealing is provided according to DIN EN 1751 with sealed damper blade.
  • With the use of EPDM gasket, it guarantees perfect air tightness in circular duct connection ends according to TSE EN 12237.

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