HWW - Make-up Air Hood With Water Wash

  • Module production in each dimension
  • Siklon type filter
  • 30-40% reduction in exhaust air flow rate compared to conventional hood
  • The fresh air side of the hood is insulated against internal condensation
  • IP65 class 300 0C’e resistant lighting module
  • Automatic controlled 7 days 24 hours programmable detergent wash function

Kitchen hood filters can not be washed in the kitchen. It was developed to prevent the danger of fire as a result of accumulation of oil. In 2012, the type of washing type hood developed with the TÜBITAK project has all the features of the double wall hood.

In the exhaust line, many problems such as filters, condensate pan and oily smoke passing through the line are completely washed and the fire hazard in the kitchens and the filters not being washed are avoided.






AISI 304 stainless steel

AISI 316 stainless steel or galvanized

Body Sheet Thickness

0,8 mm

1 and 1,2 mm


600 mm


Exhaust Exits

Circular section (Φ315 mm)

Square or rectangular section

Fresh Air Intakes

Circular section (Φ250 mm)

Square or rectangular section


LED Light

Halogen Light


The hood has a washing device to wash the exhaust side and the back of the filters. All washing system elements and connections used are sealed. Panel and electrical components with IP55 protection class are used for the automation system.

The hood, which is controlled by the automation system, can be programmed and can be washed for the desired time and period. The washing steps in the system where short, medium and long programs are included are as follows:

1- Prewash - The oil accumulated on the exhaust side of the hood with hot water is softened.

2- Washing with detergent - With the dosing pump, washing liquid and water are mixed and sent to the hoods and washing is carried out.

3- Rinse - After washing, the detergent and dissolved oil remaining in the hood are flushed out.

Note: the desired special program can be created by the user.

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