ACV - ACD Rectangular - Circular Constant Air Volume Unit (CAV)

ACD - Circular Constant Flow Rate Control Unit is used to control the air flow in special projects with comfort and hygiene requirements such as operating rooms, clean rooms, special processes. The desired air flow rate can be easily changed on the device. It can balance the air flow in the air duct between 20 Pa and 1000 Pa.

All ACD units produced are calibrated in the HVAC calibration laboratory according to the flow rates specified in the order. In this laboratory, calibration is completed by testing one-to-one field conditions with 7 measurement stations, each with different diameter and nominal flow.

Since it is a completely mechanical system, it does not require any power input. The fixing of the air flow rate is based on compensating the pressure changes in the system. When the pressure in the duct decreases, the air flow rate also decreases and the rotation moment acting on the blade of the ACD decreases and the blade opens. With the opening of the blade, the air flow through the channel increases and returns to the calibration value.

It complies with DIN EN 1946/4 and VDI 6022 hygiene standards.

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ACD - Circular Constant Air Volume Device (CAV)

ACV - Rectangular Constant Air Volume Device

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