FOUR RTER - Rotary Type Heat/Energy Recovery Unit

FOUR RTER-Rotary Type Energy Recovery Unit is used in places where fresh air is needed such as restaurants, shops, historical buildings, offices. It is designed to reduce the energy consumed in the air conditioning process of fresh air. It works together with indoor air conditioning devices. Return air coming from the indoor environment is discharged to the outside after heat transfer with fresh air thanks to the energy recovery rotor. Thus, by using the energy remaining on the exhaust air, the COP value of the heat pump is reached to the highest level. With its automatic control system, it works 7 days 24 hours, in the most appropriate way to the need and without intervention.

Rotor Type Energy Recovery Units work silently and with high efficiency thanks to the EC plug fans on them. With the speed switch sent as standard with the product, 3-stage speed control can be applied.

  • Low sound level, high efficiency EC Plug fans,
  • Plug&Play control system
  • Optional water coil or electric heater,
  • Quieter spaces with optional duct type silencer,
  • Optional smart automation solutions.
  • High external static pressure,
  • High static pressure outside the unit,
  • Optional temperature, carbon dioxide and pressure sensors,
  • High efficiency Rotary Type Heat Recovery (up to 77% recuperator efficiency),
  • 3-stage speed control,
  • Compliant with ErP 2018 regulations,
  • Double skin panel structure and 50 mm insulation between skins.

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FOUR RTER - Rotary Heat Recovery Unit

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