FOUR POOL - Package Type Dehumidifier Units

FOUR-POOL Pool Dehumidifiers are used to dehumidify indoor pools. If the partial pressure of the water vapor in the ambient air is lower than the saturation pressure, evaporation occurs on the pool water surface. As a result, the amount of moisture in the air increases to an undesirable level. In indoor swimming pools, the humidity rate should be between 40% and 64% according to VDI 2089/1. In pool dehumidification units, heat recovery plate plays a role in both dehumidification and reheating processes. It determines the need for dehumidification according to many parameters such as outdoor temperature, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, and determines the operating mode that will meet this need with the lowest energy consumption. It is produced with a fully automatic control system with microprocessors. In this way, it controls the elements on the unit in a way that guarantees the result in all usage types.

  • Capacity range of 3000-35000 /h,
  • Amount of fresh air according to need,
  • Profile without thermal bridge,
  • Cross flow epoxy coated aluminum fin plates,
  • Heat recovery efficiency up to 60%,
  • Eco-friendly R410 gas,
  • Plate type heat recovery exchanger,
  • Plug fans Airfoil,
  • Absolute humidity control,
  • Mechanical cooling,
  • Free cooling feature,
  • Plug & play control system,
  • Compatibility with BMS, Modbus, BACnet, LonWork.

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FOUR–POOL-OO&CRF - Pool Dehumidification Units without Plate Heat Exchanger & with Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

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