DGK - Transfer Grille

  • Decorative and aesthetic appearance
  • Aluminium profile manufactured
  • Double sided construction
  • Low pressure drop

The DGK Transfer Grille is used to provide air transfer by taking advantage of the pressure difference between adjacent spaces.

It is suitable for the use in door and wall applications with thickness of 20-70 mm.

DGK consists of a main case and a V-shaped wing group.

It is welded to the inclined angled joints of the outer frame and then grinded. Thus the junction points become almost invisible. Since it has a fixed V-wing structure, it prevents the passage of light between the spaces. It has a decorative and aesthetic design to adapt to the architecture.

The case and blades are made of special aluminium profiles. They have 2 options of dimensions which are 22 mm and 32 mm. The assembling can be chosen according to the wish of the customer. Standardly, the product is painted with the electrostatic powder paint process in the RAL 9010 colour, assembled with screws from inside and the product has a frame of 32 mm.

On wish of the customer, the product can be painted in any of the RAL colours or can be provided with a metalic or matt appearance.

In cases where the ambient air is required to be free of dust and to be hygienic a dust holder fiber filter can be added per wish.

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DGK - Door Gate Grille

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