Last Chimney Problem!

FOUR-KITCHEN Air Filtration Device cleans odor and smoke up to 99% efficiency with its five-stage filtration structure and offers complete solution for kitchen ventilation.

DOGU has introduced FOUR-KITCHEN Air Filtration Device, a new product developed for industrial kitchens. The first presentation of the product, which offers solutions to all kitchens having chimney problems with its environmentally friendly structure, was held in 2014 İstanbul Sodex Fair and was welcomed by many restaurants, hotels and shopping center investors.

FOUR-KITCHEN device cleans odor and smoke up to 99% efficiency rate with its five-stage filtration structure including flame-retardant cyclone metal filter, pre-oil filter (GreaseStop), electrostatic filter, UV-C filter and activated carbon filter. Cyclone metal filter, pre-oil filter and electrostatic filter are washable and can be easily removed and serviced by kitchen workers. Thanks to four separate filters used in the first four stages, the life of the active carbon filter lasts longer and filter replacement costs are greatly reduced.

50 mm thick double-walled Eurovent approved panel structure is isolated with stone wool and noise and heat transfer is minimized. The inner wall is made of AISI304 stainless steel. An EC / DC motorized plug fan is used. According to the fan filter contamination, it is self-automatic and prevents loss of performance. It has a low noise level and it can be used easily in all kinds of places.

The product which is produced by the combination of DOGU Hvac’s kitchen equipment and air handling unit production is produced in the range of 2.100 - 10.500 m3 / h exhaust flow rate. The product can be purchased in the package or custom made according to the need.

The device can be integrated into the central ventilation system on demand and provides a complete kitchen ventilation solution by working with the kitchen hoods thanks to the automation system.