FOUR HOME - Residential Type Heat Recovery Units

HOME-Residential Type Heat Recovery Units are used in homes that need fresh air. Thanks to the recovery of waste heat, it significantly reduces the energy consumed for heating and cooling needs of the house. It is possible to achieve an efficiency of up to 94% with a counter flow recuperator with polypropylene material. It works quietly with 25 mm acoustic insulation. It has an automatic defrost feature for all working conditions. There are G4 and optional high efficiency F7 filter on the supply air side. Thanks to the integrated filter monitoring system, filter contamination control is provided.

HOME-Residential Type Heat Recovery Units work silently and highly efficiently with the EC plug fans on them. Air flow can be adjusted in 3-stages with the speed switch sent as standard with the product.

  • Low sound level, high efficiency EC Plug fans,
  • Plug&Play control system,
  • Optional water coil or electric heater,
  • Quieter spaces with optional duct type silencer,
  • Optional smart automation solutions,
  • High static pressure outside the unit,
  • Optional temperature, carbon dioxide and pressure sensors,
  • By-pass damper (freecooling and recuperator anti-freezing),
  • High efficiency, counter flow aluminum recuperator (up to 94% recuperator efficiency),
  • 3-stages speed control,
  • Compliant with ErP 2018 regulations.

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