Dogu Hvac

Having started production of ventilation and air-conditioning equipments in İzmir in 1999, Doğu
Hvac has moved to Alsancak factory which has an area of 4.500 m2 in 2004 and increased its success

In 2005, after the first exportation to the European continent, Doğu established the R & D
department and proceeded to the top of the sector.

Doğu moved to ITOB OSB factory which has 45.000 m2 area in 2008. 

Doğu, which has been growing even more and purchaised the company KLIMAKAR AŞ in 2011, has
been introduced to the sector by manufacturing many new products that are in compliance with
quality standards.

In 2018, Doğu, the pioneer of the first to establish the EN 308, EN 13141-7 and EN 1886 test
laboratories; continues to grow day by day and to give direction to the ventilation sector.