ONN - Jet Nozzle Type 1

  • Decorative design
  • Long throw distance
  • Manufacture from aluminum
  • Summer and winter position adjustment

ONN Jet Nozzle Medicine-1 is used to reduce air to homogeneous comfort zone in high ceiling and large areas requiring long distance shooting (sports complexes, airports, atrium, factories etc.).

Suitable for use in horizontal air shot applications.

The inner sphere part of the ONN can be rotated 3600 around its axis and ± 300 at the vertical and horizontal axis. In this way, the shooting characteristics of the blowing air can be adjusted for summer and winter conditions. The inner sphere piece can be manually adjusted directly to the air. In this way, air-conditioned blowing air can be directed to the hard-to-reach areas in the space.

The outer flange and inner sphere are manufactured from aluminum sheet. As standard, the product is painted in RAL 9010 color with Electrostatic Powder Coating process. It can be dyed in other RAL codes as per customer demand or it can be produced in matt aluminum anodized finish or in raw form when a metallic appearance is desired. When it is desired to make the weather adjustment, the column flap that is painted to the product color is produced with ONN. ONN is manufactured as standard unless specified in the order.

Production dimensions:
Ø75 (JA-3)
Ø85 (JA-4)
Ø110 (JA-5)
Ø125 (JA-6)
Ø160 (JA-7)
Ø200 (JA-8)
Ø250 (JA-10)
Ø300 (JA-12)

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