FOUR HPGK - Heat Pump Heat Recovery Units

HPGK-Heat Pump Heat Recovery Units are used to meet the fresh air load of the spaces. The unit heats or cools the air exhausted from the space and the fresh air that will enter into the space by means of a cross-flow heat exchanger. In cases where the amount of heat transfer is not sufficient, the heat pump is activated to close the temperature difference and the comfort condition is provided. The unit, which does not require an outdoor unit, has a compact structure and can be easily positioned in the attic.

HPGK-Heat Pump Heat Recovery Units work silently and highly efficiently with the EC or AC plug fans on them. With the speed switch sent as standard with the product, the air flow can be adjusted in stepless speed control or in 3 stages.

  • Low sound level, high efficiency EC or AC Plug fans,
  • Plug&Play control system,
  • Optional water coil or electric heater,
  • Quieter spaces with optional duct type silencer,
  • Optional smart automation solutions,
  • High static pressure outside the unit,
  • Optional temperature, carbon dioxide and pressure sensors,
  • By-pass damper (freecooling and recuperator anti-freezing),
  • High efficiency cross flow recuperator
  • 3-stage speed control or Stepless speed control

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FOUR HPGK - Heat Pump Heat Recovery Unit

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