Employee Structure

DOGU’s Employee Structure

The employees of DOGU, which has 220 employees in total, are 60 white collar employees and 160 blue collar employees.

The Average Age

One of the most important advantages of DOGU is the ideal mix of young and experienced staff. The average age is 35 years. The Human Resources works with the same care for each position until the staff retires from the company. The company's turnover rate is very low compared to the sector. The average working time is 10 years.

Number of Engineers

According to the 2018 report of MAKFED (Machinery Manufacturing Industry Associations Federation) DOGU contains more than 67% of the average engineers working in this sector in Turkey. The ratio of a company engaged in production in Germany is 25%.

The positions required for the complete fulfillment of the activities are given in the organization chart, the sub-relationships have been defined and job descriptions have been formed including the qualifications required for each position. These qualifications are taken into account in new positions to be employed.

For existing employees, competency studies are carried out and internal/external trainings are planned to eliminate deficiencies.

Studies are carried out to increase the morale and motivation of employees, and in order to contribute to the principle of continuous improvement, KY-TL 01 Suggestion System Application Instructions have been prepared.

In order to improve the working environment, 5S workplace organization activities are carried out together with the employees.