ACE-ACQ Duct Type Rectangular-Circular Electric Heater

ACE-ACQ Duct Type Rectangular-Circular Electric Heater can be used in ducts, air handling units, heat recovery units and various industrial processes for heating the air. With electrical heaters, different blowing temperatures can be achieved in different parts of the building. In heat recovery units, the temperature of the fresh air at the outlet of the unit can be brought to the desired temperature with electrical heaters and released to the indoor environment. There are two over temperature breakers and safety thermostats as standard. The first thermostat is set to 70 ° C temperature values, when the temperature of the air in the duct reaches 70 ° C, it cuts off the electric current and automatically allows the unit to restart when the temperature drops. The second thermostat used for safety is activated at a temperature of 110 ° C and cuts off the electric current. In order for the unit to work again, the thermostat must be reset manually with the red button on the unit.

  • Duct Type Electric Heaters can be used in ventilation ducts, air handling units, heat recovery units, and various industrial processes.
  • It has TSEK Quality Certificate and CE mark.
  • Electric Heaters are manufactured in accordance with the "TS 2000 (EN 60335-1)" and "TS 10316 (EN 60204-1)" standards and in a way to fulfill the requirements of the European Directives EMC 89/336 and LVD 72/723.
  • It can be designed in single, double or more stages according to customer needs.
  • It can be produced as galvanized or stainless-steel body according to the project requirements. Heating resistances are made of stainless material.
  • It has a limit and reset thermostat. Optionally, a differential pressure switch can be added.
  • Production is made according to IP 43 class as standard. Optionally, production can be made in different IP classes.

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