FOUR DKS - Air Handling Units

Our air handling units are manufactured in 28 different sections. The flow rate range is 900-40,000 m³ / h in units for heating, cooling and ventilation, 1800-80,000 m³ / h in units intended for cooling only, and 2500-105,000 m³ / h in units intended for heating and ventilation. Our units are modular and have double-walled panels. It can be produced by using panels of 50 mm or 60 mm thickness with rock wool, glass wool or polyurethane insulation, depending on demand and application. The outer surfaces are painted sheet metal in standard RAL 9002 color, and galvanized, painted or stainless steel can be used on the inner surfaces according to the request and application. It is easy to clean with its smooth inner surface and dust accumulation is prevented. The carcass of the units creates a strong structure with specially designed electrostatic furnace painted aluminum or steel profiles and plastic corner fittings. EPDM-based seals are used to provide impermeability.

  • Better "thermal conductivity" and "thermal bridging" values ​​with 60 mm steel carcass,
  • 3 types of profile options as 50 mm and 60 mm aluminum profile and 60 mm steel profile,
  • Double skin panel structure,
  • Use of galvanized, painted and stainless steel according to the application,
  • The most efficient selection by considering the fan-motor group, air flow and total static pressure,
  • More energy savings by using rotary, plate, serpentine heat recovery or mixing chamber,
  • Free cooling applicability,
  • Filtering, heating, cooling, humidification and quieter operation feature according to the needs of the environment,
  • Service doors with safety guard, optional illumination and sight glass in fan, motor and filter cells for service and maintenance,
  • Automation infrastructure compatible with VRF outdoor units of any brand.

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FOUR DKS - Air Handling Units

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