ACA - Rectangular Variable Air Volume Device (VAV)

ACA – Rectangular Variable Air Volume Unit is used to control the air flow in special projects with comfort and hygiene requirements such as operating rooms, clean rooms, special processes. Variable air flow VAV systems provide energy savings of up to 50% in the energy consumed by the fan motor. It is used in variable air flow systems and duct pressure control applications for each space in ventilation applications. It operates at flow rates between 216 - 17000 m³ / h.

All VAV Units, produced are calibrated in the VAV laboratory according to the flow rates specified in the order and their impermeability is tested according to DIN EN 1751. In this laboratory, calibration is completed by testing one-to-one field conditions with 7 measuring stations, each with different diameter and nominal flow.

Case sealing is Class B according to DIN EN 1751 standard. It has DIN EN 1946/4 and VDI 6022 hygiene standards. It has a compact structure. It works efficiently with low pressure loss thanks to its blades working opposite to each other.

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ACA - Rectangular Variable Air Volume Device

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