VGC - Smoke Control Damper

In case of fire, the smoke damper motor on the blades of the smoke damper opens or closes according to the fire scenario. In this way, smoke control is performed.

  • VGC - Smoke Control Damper is used for the evacuation and control of smoke from the environment in case of fire.
  • E600 90 (hod - i ↔ o) S500 C300 AA Single strength class:
    • Fire class is E90. (According to EN 13501-4)
    • Temperature Class is 600oC. (According to EN 13501-4)
    • Pressure Class is 500 Pa. (According to EN 13501-4)
  • Damper blades are guaranteed to open and close 10,000 times. Thanks to this feature, it is also used in daily ventilation applications.
  • It is produced between 200x200 mm and 1250x1250 mm in width and height.
  • According to EN 1751 damper sealing standard, duct sealing is Class 2.

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