DMZ - Circular Duct Grilles

  • Absorption Grille
  • Aluminium profile manufactured
  • Aerodynamic structured
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Direct assembling to circular air ducts

DMZ Circular Duct Grille is used to distribute blowing air from the ventilation and air conditioning systems to the places.

It is suitable for use in horizontal or vertical air shot applications. It can be mounted directly to the round air ducts. (The size of the grille H must be at most half the diameter of the duct for mounting to the direct round air duct.)

The DMZ consists of two main parts, the chassis and the double row guide blade. It is welded to the inclined angle joints of the outer frame and then is stoned. Thus, the junction points become almost invisible. The wings have an aerodynamic structure and can be easily adjusted by hand. Horizontal rear vanes with air flow form and length adjustable. The air flow direction can be adjusted with vertical fins.

Casings and wings are manufactured from special extruded aluminum profiles. It has two frame sizes of 22 mm and 32 mm. Mounting shape can be selected according to customer demand with screw, latch, clip. As standard, the product is painted in RAL 9010 color with Electrostatic Powder Coating process. It can be dyed in other RAL codes upon customer request or it can be produced in matt aluminum anodized coating or in raw state when metal appearance is desired. The air damper is supplied with a special damper switch when the air adjustment is desired. DMZ is manufactured as standard, unless specified in the order.

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