FOUR IGK - Heat Recovery Units

FOUR IGK-Heat Recovery Units are used in places that require clean air such as homes, offices, hotels, business centers. In spaces that are air-conditioned by heating or cooling, low-quality air-conditioned indoor air with high carbon dioxide and other harmful gases is created. While this air is exhausted, its heat load provides conditioning of the fresh air entering through the plate heat exchanger of IGK-Heat Recovery Unit. Thus, while the poor-quality indoor air is exhausted, it is possible to recover up to 50% of the heat load in this air.

Heat Recovery Units work silently and efficiently with the AC plug fans on them. With the speed switch sent as standard with the product, the unit can be operated at the desired flow rate.

  • Low sound level, high efficiency AC Plug fans,
  • Plug&Play control system,
  • Optional water coil or electric heater,
  • Quieter spaces with optional duct type silencer,
  • Optional smart automation solutions,
  • High static pressure outside the unit,
  • Optional temperature, carbon dioxide and pressure sensors,
  • High efficiency, cross flow recuperator,
  • G4 class filter,
  • Stepless speed control.

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FOUR IGK - Heat Recovery Unit

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