VGF - Rectangular Fire Damper

VGF - Prismatic Fire / Smoke Damper is used to isolate the other parts of the ventilation system from flame, smoke and heat in case of a fire. It has been subjected to 132 minutes Fire Resistance Test according to EN 1366-2: 2015 standard by “Applus + Laboratories”, which has ENAC (Spanish Accreditation Agency) accreditation. According to EN 13501 3: 2005 + A1: 2009 standard, EI 120 (and, ho i <-> o) S fire resistance class conditions are met.

  • Conforms to EI 120 (and, ho i <-> o) S fire resistance class.
  • It has low pressure loss and sound pressure level values.
  • It has an easy assembly structure.
  • It is produced between 200x200 mm and 1300x800 mm in width and height.
  • Thanks to its fire-resistant structure, it insulates the fire compartments for 2 hours according to European standards.
  • It has high corrosion resistance.

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