2014 ISK - SODEX Exhibition in the fair attracted great interest.

One of the pioneer companies in the production of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, DOĞU İKLİMLENDİRME participated in the 2014 ISK-SODEX fair, which was held in Istanbul Expo Center between 7 and 10 May, for the seventh time. In the fair, which has been visited by tens of thousands of local and foreign visitors, the participation rate of foreign participants has increased by 16% compared to the previous years, and with the stand of 250 m2, DOGU Hvac has displayed 12 new products that it has added to its product range.

Seçkin Erdoğmuş, the general manager of the company, which produces 45.000 m2 of area and produces hundreds of kinds of products in İzmir, stated that they joined ISK - SODEX fair held every two years since 2002 and gave the following information: Our stand attracted great attention. The first two days 16, the last two days we have served with 23 people. Each of our new products has been carefully examined by our visitors; detailed information received. Among the most interesting products of ours, chimney problem for the kitchen that we produce ventilation devices and fire dampers can be counted. When we examine our guest book, we see that there are 500 close customer records, including 100 foreigners. I must say that this makes us very happy.”.

Erdoğmuş emphasized that he also had guests from outside of Istanbul in this process. We hosted our guests in the framework of the programs we performed every evening. Especially on the 9th of May, we organized a boat trip on the Bosphorus and both our guests and we took all the fatigue of the fair. Especially the MTMD Team was our guest!

On Saturday, May 17, we had guests at our factory: A group of 60 engineers from the Association of Mechanical Installation Engineers made us happy with their visit. The team, headed by Mürşit Çelikkol, chairman of MTMD, first visited the lower floor of our equipment factory. In the following minutes, they had the opportunity to examine the devices that we brought and exhibited in the fair. Our guests and our products, detailed information about our guests visit ended at 13.00.