FOUR TCR & TCRH - Tropical Rooftop Unit

Rooftop Packaged Air Handling Units can perform cooling or heating/cooling with the direct expansion refrigerant system and meet the fresh air needed by the occupied zone and perform all these operations in just one unit. Rooftop Packaged Air Handling Units (Rooftop) operate on roofs, terraces or other outdoor environments and provide conditioning of the ambient air through ducts. Its main areas of use are large commercial buildings, business centers, airports, restaurants, department stores, cinema and theater halls, conference halls, industrial buildings and logistics centers. FOUR-TCR series is designed for (Tropical) climates that only need cooling and FOUR-TCRH series for areas that require heating and cooling. It is offered with many capacity options according to the size of the environment to be air-conditioned.

  • High energy efficiency, air quality and comfort,
  • Eco-Friendly R410A refrigerant,
  • Advanced microprocessor control,
  • Wide range of models,
  • Low sound level,
  • Compact design,
  • Internal cleaning and maintenance convenience,
  • Compatibility with T3 climatic zones,
  • Belt driven fans with high efficiency,
  • IP55 class built-in power and control panel,
  • Standard ModBus-Rtu communication card.

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FOUR TCR & FOUR TCRH - Tropical Rooftop & Heat-Pump Rooftop

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