FOUR TCR & TCRH Tropical Rooftop

  • High energy efficiency, air quality and comfort
  • Eco-Friendly R410A Refrigerant Gas
  • Developed microprocessor control
  • Wide product range
  • Low sound level
  • Compact design
  • Easy maintainability and cleanability
  • Compatible with Tropical Range for T3 Air Climates
  • High Efficiency Belt driven fans
  • IP55 Class Power and Control Panel
  • Standard Modbus-Rtu communication card

Units are designed for to be in accordance with installation and maintenance in tropical climates. It has high energy efficiency and is budget friendly with fast and easy installation, low operating and initial investment cost. Its main areas of usage are that large commercial buildings, business centers, airports, restaurants, large stores, cinema and theatre halls, conference halls, industrial buildings and centers of logistic. There are many capacity options depending on the size of air conditioning ambient. Fans and compressors which do not cause sound and visual pollution are used in units.

Rooftop units are produced from special shaped aluzinc sheet with electrostatic powdered paint. It is isolated against sound and heat with 19 mm rubber insulating material. In design of unit has been given priority of easier of maintainability and serviceability. Thus, every point of unit can be reached.

Hermetic scroll compressors working with R410A gas used in the cooling circuit are used. It is used 1 or 2 according to capacity. Thus, requested performance and comfort are ensured. Also, there is 3 step control option for ensured the cooling capacity.

Copper pipe-aluminum fin high efficiency heat exchanger condensers and evaporator are used in rooftops. Special double inclined condensation pan is used in evaporator section for condensation that occurs. The condensation pan is produced from 304 quality stainless sheet or electrostatic powder coated sheet. Condenser fans can work up to 65 °C. Also, they are resisted against external weather conditions and corrosion.
G4 filters are used as standard in units. As a optional, Dogu offers that F Class filter option.

There is a control board in TCR series rooftop. With the standard control card, it is possible adapted to control card that the optional electrical heater, room control unit, sensors and alarms without needing to any other control card.


  • Room Control Unit
  • Metal, Panel and Bag filter
  • Electric Heater
  • Heat Control for Supply and Return Air
  • Smoke Detector and Fire Alarm
  • External Fire Alarm
  • Low Pressure Transmitter
  • High Pressure Transmitter
  • Condenser Shield Grid

*All measurement values are mm.

*Capacities as per of EN 14511 @ 27/19 °C coil inlet and 35 °C ambient temperature.
**Capacities @ 27/19 °C Coil inlet and 46 °C ambient temperature.
***Maximum ESP at nominal airflow rate for high pressure class units.

*The power input at 380V-420V nominal voltage.

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FOUR TCR & FOUR TCRH Tropical Rooftop & Heat-Pump Rooftop

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