FOUR POOL - Pool Dehumidifiers

  • Cross flow epoxy coated aluminum lamella plates
  • 60% heat recovery efficiency
  • Absolute humidity control
  • Fresh air
  • Air flow control
  • Mechanical cooling

FOUR-POOL-Pool Dehumidifiers are used to dehumidify indoor pools. If the partial pressure of the water vapor in the ambient air is lower than the saturation pressure, evaporation occurs on the surface of the pool water. As a result, the amount of moisture in the air increases to an undesirable level. In addition to the destruction of the components of the building, it also causes disturbances such as the decrease in blood circulation and decrease in sportive capacity of humans. Humidity in indoor swimming pools must be between 40% and 64% according to VDI 2089/1. In the pool dehumidification plants, the heat recovery plate is involved in both dehumidification and reheating processes. Determines the need for dehumidification according to many parameters such as outside temperature, space temperature, space humidity, and determines the operation mode that will provide this with the lowest energy consumption. It is produced with a fully automatic control system with microprocessor. In this way, it controls the elements on the device in order to guarantee the results in all usage forms.

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FOUR POOL - Pool Dehumidifiers

Ürün Kataloğu - 2020