FOUR PHKS - Package Hygienic Air Handling Units

  • Precise and proportional capacity control with scroll compressor
  • Precise control with high energy efficiency EC / DC plug fans
  • Automation infrastructure that can work in harmony with every brand VRF Outdoor Unit
  • DIN1946 / 4 design according to hygiene standards

FOUR PHKS-Package Hygienic Air Handling Units; It is used in applications where health, food, medicine and chemical industry are in high need of hygiene. By using such devices, it is ensured that the particles, bacteria and viruses that disrupt the sterilization in the environment are removed and the fresh air taken from the environment is removed from all pollutants contained in the environment and delivered at the desired flow, temperature and humidity.

Double-skinned, fire-resistant rock wool insulated, 50mm thick Panels are produced in 2400m³ / h - 12000m³ / h capacity range. The outer surfaces are painted in the standard RAL 9002 color and the inner surfaces are made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel. It is easy to clean with its flat inner surface and the quality of material used, dust accumulation is prevented and hygienic conditions of the device are ensured. With its special design, it is possible to prevent leaks that may occur during the air flow. High efficiency is obtained through the coils and filters.

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