FOUR RTER - Rotor Type Heat Recovery Unit

  • High efficiency rotor type heat exchanger
  • Thermal efficiency up to 90%
  • Moisture transfer efficiency up to 65%
  • Optional CO2 or pressure sensor
  • High efficiency EC Plug fans
  • 50 mm thick double-walled Eurovent approved panel construction

FOUR RTER-Rotor Type Heat Recovery Unit is used in restaurants, stores, historical buildings, offices where fresh air is needed. Designed to take charge of the air of fresh air. It works with indoor air conditioning devices. The exhaust air absorbed from the interior environment is transferred to the external environment after the heat transfer with the fresh air thanks to the hygroscopic energy recovery rotor. The energy of the heat pump is thus maximized using the energy remaining on the exhaust air. With the automatic control system, it works 7 days 24 hours without any intervention in the most appropriate way.

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FOUR RTER - Rotary Heat Recovery Unit

Ürün Kataloğu - 2020