FOUR IGK - Heat Recovery Devices

  • High efficiency backward curved plug fans for lower energy consumption
  • High heat efficient aluminum plate heat exchanger
  • Low noise level
  • G4 class filter
  • Optional watery or electric heater battery
  • Quieter spaces with optional duct type silencer
  • Optional intelligent automation solutions

FOUR IGK-Heat Recovery Devices are used to exhaust dirty air and provide clean air in houses, offices, hotels, business centers. In places where air-conditioning is carried out by heating or cooling, low-quality air-conditioned indoor air is formed, where the internal carbon dioxide and other harmful gases are intense. When this air is exhausted, the heat load it carries is collected in the plate heat exchanger of the heat recovery device and the fresh air entering is provided. In this way, it is possible to recover 50-60% of the heat load in the air while the poor quality indoor air is ejected.

Heat recovery devices work on silent and high efficiency with plug fan motors. With the speed switch supplied as standard, the device can be operated at the desired flow rate.

FOUR IGK-Heat Recovery Device consists of 6 main parts. The case is made of galvanized sheet metal. It is covered with 9 mm insulation and provides both sound and heat insulation. RAL9002 is painted with electrostatic paint to increase the service life and visuals. Used in blowing and exhaust fans plug type. There are intervention doors on the frame for easy intervention to the fans. The fans can be easily removed by maintenance or failure. The device has a G4 filter for both exhaust and fresh air inlets. In this way, the aluminum plate heat exchanger, which is the main equipment of the device, has been kept clean and efficient operation is ensured. In order to make the connection of the device easily, the electrical connection box with the terminal connections of the fans is fixed on the case.

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