FOUR HPGK - Heat Pump Heat Recovery Devices

  • Heat Pump System
  • High efficiency backward curved plug fans for lower energy consumption
  • Cross flow plate heat recovery exchanger
  • G4 class filter
  • Low noise level
  • Automatic control system
  • Optional intelligent automation solutions

The use of these devices in places such as restaurants, shops, historical buildings that are heated and cooled by air conditioners and which do not meet the need for fresh air meets the need in an advantageous way. The fresh air is blown into the environment by heating or cooling to the indoor environment. Using this device, fresh air is provided in such a way that it does not disturb indoor comfort. It is preferred not to load the load required to condition the fresh air in the new projected buildings to the air conditioners.
The structure of the device is compact, no need for an outdoor unit and is easily installed. It is easily operated with control panel only.
FOUR HPGK heat pump heat recovery devices are used to cover the fresh air load of the spaces. The device is used to heat / cool the fresh air that will enter the exhaust air through the cross-flow heat exchanger. In cases where the heat transfer amount is not sufficient, the heat pump is activated and the gap is closed and comfort condition is ensured. The device with its compact structure can be easily positioned in the ceiling.

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