FOUR HOME CEILING - Household Type Heat Recovery Devices

  • High efficiency EC Plug fans with low noise
  • Recovering efficiency up to 94%
  • Optional electric heater or DX / heater / cooler battery
  • Sensitive blowing air control
  • Easy installation on ceiling
  • By-pass damper (freecooling and recuperator)

Four Home Ceiling-Household type heat recovery devices are used in homes that require fresh air. By heat recovery, it reduces the heating and cooling load of the house. Thanks to Polypropylene material, it provides up to 94% efficiency thanks to reverse flow recuperator. Automatic defrosting for all working conditions. On the air side, there is a M5 panel filter or an optional high efficiency F7 filter. Filter pollution control is provided by the integrated filter monitoring system.

The only difference between Four Home Ceiling and Four Home is that the Four Home Ceiling is ceiling mounted while the Four Home appliance is a wall type.

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FOUR-HOME, FOUR-HOME CEILING Residential Heat Recovery Unit

Ürün Kataloğu - 2020