FOUR FHR - Floor Flow Heat Recovery Units

  • High efficiency and low noise EC fans
  • Recuperator efficiency up to 94%
  • Optional electric heater or heater / cooler battery
  • 3-stage speed control
  • Plug and play control system
  • By-pass damper (freecooling and recuperator)
  • High efficiency reverse flow aluminum recuperator
  • Special application for anti-freeze system
FHR-Floor Flow Heat Recovery Units are used in restaurants, shops, historical buildings, offices where there is a need for clean air. In places where air-conditioning is carried out by heating or cooling, low-quality air-conditioned indoor air is formed, where the internal carbon dioxide and other harmful gases are intense. When this air is exhausted, the heat load it carries is collected in the plate heat exchanger of the FOUR FHR-Floor Type Flow Regulator and the incoming fresh air is provided.

In this way, it is possible to recover a portion of the heat load in the air while the poor quality indoor air is ejected. By-pass damper provides free-cooling and anti-freeze protection of the heat exchanger. FHR- Floor Type Flow Recuperators work with silent and high efficiency with plug fan motors. With the control card sent as standard, the device can be operated at the desired flow rate.

The only difference between the CFHR and FHR devices is, they have the same working principle; The FHR device is a ground type device and the CFHR can be mounted to the ceiling.

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FOUR FHR -Counter Flow Heat Recovery Unit

Ürün Kataloğu - 2020