VGY - Rectangular Fire Damper

VGY-Rectangular Fire Damper consists of 3 main parts: frame, flap and thermal fuse. The frame and the flap are made of galvanized steel sheet with TS EN 10346 certificate. The production of the frame is done completely without welding. In this way, the resistance of galvanized sheet against corrosion is ensured. The joints of the sheet are insulated with fireproof silicon against air leakage. The bushing that enables the flap to rotate is made of brass, and the shaft is made of galvanized steel material. In this way, it has been used for many years without requiring lubrication. The inside of the frame is A class fireproof material according to TS EN 13501, which increases resistance in case of fire. These materials are produced according to TS 901-1 EN 13162 and can withstand 750oC temperature. The thermal fuse is UL approved and melts at 72 degrees, releasing the spring that closes the fire damper. When the VGY is closed, a non-combustible gasket, resistant to 550oC temperature, which provides sealing between the frame and the flap, is included as standard.

  • VGY - Rectangular Fire Damper prevents the fire from being transported from one room to another by air duct by closing its flap when the thermal fuse on it melts at 72oC during the fire.
  • It can withstand fire for 90 minutes.
  • With the microswitch to be installed in line with customer preferences, the open-closed position can be followed from the "building automation system".
  • Optionally, the fire damper motor can be opened and closed according to the fire scenario or with a thermal sensor, an accessory of the damper motor.

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